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Bedroom Furniture

Maximise your sense of comfort with ergonomically designed bedroom furniture

Wellbeing goes beyond your workday. Your quality of sleep has a profound effect on your productivity and mood. That’s why our bedroom furniture has been specially curated to give you the best night’s sleep possible.

Slumber soundly on ergonomic mattresses, or get a Nuzzle™ pillow that adapts to your preferred sleeping position.

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Your wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. We select only the best products for our customers to make a better, healthier life easy to attain.


We’re industry leaders in products for health and wellbeing. We take the time to evaluate each of our products and only select the best to enhance every aspect of your life.


We keep a close eye on the latest technological innovations to bring our customers the best products available. Everything you’ll find at Purus Life has been selected for its superior quality and smart, practical features.

High Standards

It’s not enough to provide high-quality products — we’re committed to excellent customer service. Acquiring the best wellbeing products is a joy with Purus Life. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

How Do I Choose the Right Mattress for Me?

Sleeping is the essential time your body needs to recover and recuperate at the end of the day. Sleep deprivation can affect learning, memory and physical health. Lower-back pain is one of the main causes of poor sleep quality. Lower-back pain can result from bad posture at work or a mattress that doesn’t provide adequate support.

The ideal mattress will promote even alignment in the spine as you sleep, but it also depends on your body type and sleeping position. If your mattress is too soft, you’ll be tossing and turning — as your spine, neck and lower back lack support. For those gifted with wider hips, softer mattresses are better, as they provide more cushioning for your back.

If you have narrow hips, a firmer mattress is better to offer more support. Evidence suggests that sufferers of lower-back pain benefit most from a medium-firm mattress. Memory foam mattresses are also beneficial, as they mould around your limbs and torso.

The Azure 300 mattress is suitable for back and side sleepers, with a pocket spring system designed to relieve pressure on the back. If you struggle with temperature control at night, the Purus Sleep Natural and the Purus Sleep Energise contain cooling gel and Tencel-quilted covers to absorb moisture.

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When Do I Need a New Mattress?

If you’re suffering from restless nights, lower-back pain or poor sleep quality — it’s time to upgrade your mattress. Studies have shown that when people are given a new mattress to sleep on for the first time, they often sleep better. An average mattress’ lifespan is around eight years. Most people keep their mattress for about 9.5 years before they replace it. Swapping out your old saggy mattress for a new replacement after eight years is a surefire way to improve your quality of sleep — and life.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Pillow?

Imagine a pillow that’s suitable for all sleepers. Well, we’ve got one. The Nuzzle™ pillow is made with gel nano-coil fibres (NASA technology no less) which push up against gravity, supporting your neck and head. Phase change material absorbs heat from your body, cooling your overall body temperature — so you can stop flipping your pillow over to the cooler side.

The Nuzzle™ pillow will retain its plumpness for over two years, and two adjustable inner layers mean you can adapt the pillow to your sleeping preferences. The soft layer is best for stomach sleepers, and a medium layer will maintain straight spine alignment for back and combination sleepers.

For side sleepers, both layers offer firm support as you snooze away in peace. The Nuzzle™ pillow really is perfect for anyone. Sleep smart — in a way that suits you.

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