Our Story

A fantastic journey helping thousands of people rediscover health and wellbeing at home.

From the CEO

I didn’t realise that the traditional office setting was far more than traditional until lockdown 1.0.

We typically take our workplace and the benefits it offers for granted – welcoming space, non-glare lighting, standing desks and other ergonomic equipment, social and energising areas, biophilia, which all boosts mood and productivity. Why can’t working from home be like this? With all those comforts within reach, my productivity at home should have been flourishing, yet – it was in serious decline.

Working from home, for many, is working in less than ideal circumstances – having snacks at your fingertips, sitting in awkward positions, cluttered rooms, space shared with your kids/spouse/pet, and lack of privacy. The most common challenges I, as a remote worker, experienced within a few days of working at home included neck and back pain, and I also experienced burnout after 3 weeks.

Health and Home Offices

Working from home hindered me from achieving my aspirational fitness goals. Walking 15 minutes to the station was such a great way to start my day. The fresh air blowing in my face on the way to work lifted my energy up and made me more eager for challenges. Getting back home added up 15 minutes more a day, which was 2 and a half hours of power walking a week, and now, I was left with almost no physical activity at all besides transitioning from a chair to my sofa and so on. And then, a thought came to me - being active and having the write home office equipment is vital for a healthy workspace. Sedentary working made me feel lethargic, tired, and lifeless.

The Solution

I had to find a solution and quickly. How can I keep my body healthy, relieve stress, and prevent this new way of working and living from taking its toll on me while still staying productive? An idea suddenly crossed my mind – it is possible to bring together home and work wellbeing. This is why I’ve have such a passion for Purus Life and its been a fantastic journey helping myself and thousands of other people who have been in my position.

Purus Life combines ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetics into our specialised furniture and accessories that can help you reinvent your living space and transform it thoughtfully so you can reap all the benefits of working from home and strengthen the concept of your health and wellbeing.

I know you will find numerous eye-catching, carefully and ergo-designed pieces of furniture so you can start your new healthy lifestyle living journey – today!