How to create an Inspiring and Comfortable Home Office

How to create an Inspiring and Comfortable Home Office

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Workspace design is one of the factors that affect our productivity most. Yet, how do you organise and design your space and stay at the same level of productivity when your home is now your office? This new environment offers you the flexibility you can’t expect when working in the office so you can create an even more inspiring and creative space. Here’s how you can design your personal workspace while still maintaining a work/life balance. 

Who Is Using The Space?

It would be great if everyone had a spare room they can turn into a home office but most people share their space with their family or friends. Do you have children or pets? How much storage space do you need? Are there plug sockets nearby? Is the space well lit? Please take these factors into account when looking for an ideal corner to set your office up.

How to Choose the Right Furniture and Equipment?

You can make your work space more pleasant by equipping it with the right furniture that won’t intrude your original living style. Invest in a quality, cushioned ergonomic chair, an adjustable ‘Standing Desk’, or a modular system that comes with storage space – you can easily find furniture that can make your working hours comfortable and contribute to your wellbeing. After all, that wooden dining chair in your kitchen can’t ensure a pain-free experience if you work full-time from the kitchen table.

If your desk is not by a window, invest in a desk lamp (also known as a task lamp) that will lighten up space, boost your mood, and reduce eye fatigue. Place it to the opposite of your writing hand or behind your laptop and you’ll have perfect visibility. If there’s no plug socket nearby, you can find great battery-operated lamps.

What About Storage?

A convenient pull-out drawer embedded in your new desk will provide seamless integrated storage space for your home office supplies. A modern design will blend in perfectly with the rest of the structure while keeping your belongings out of sight and neatly put away!

How to Make Your Home Office More Inviting?

A desk and a chair (no matter how comfortable) won’t actually motivate you to get more things done and prevent your productivity from slipping. The corporate world seems much more inviting than your living room or kitchen, right?

You make your corner more enjoyable by adding some greens to your environment. Having some living plants around your bland workspace, such as cactus, English Ivy, and the Snake Plant can make it more pleasant. Hang some artwork around and make the space look, and yourself feel, more professional.


It only takes a few alterations to make any room in your home feel like a workspace. Make it as comfortable as possible so your productivity doesn’t suffer but think about your wellbeing as well. Follow our tips and you will create an inspiring home office that encourages you to do your best and feel your best.