6 Expert Tips for Staying Healthy While Working From Home

6 Expert Tips for Staying Healthy While Working From Home

Stephen Williams |

Last year was one of those rollercoaster-like experiences for all of us. Still, we haven't got much further at the beginning of the new year, and dealing with this situation could become a major threat to our health, both physical and mental. Its no wonder, considering the number of challenges set before us. One of which is – working from home. It's all fun and games until you realise working remotely can sabotage your wellbeing and drain you completely.

Being so close to the kitchen (and having all those alluring snacks and sweets at your fingertips), working from your bed and couch, the lack of social interaction – all this can make you crave your old work routine and your office environment. Our expert tips can help you put together a game plan that will make working from home easier, prevent a mental drain, and ensure you stay fit and healthy.

1. Keep your morning routine

What was your morning routine like when you used to go to work? Taking a shower, enjoying a morning cup of coffee, walking your dog? Keep on doing it! We know how tempting staying in bed may be, but do your best to resist this temptation. Being active in the morning, even if your activity is light, instead of just rolling out of bed onto your computer, will boost your energy, give you more focus, and improve your mood.

2. Have a dedicated workspace

Turn a spare room in your home into an office or create a space designated for work only. It doesn't matter whether its a corner in your living room, dining room, or a separate room, you should make it feel like your office. Working while lying in your bed is not an option, as bed activities shouldn’t interfere with your work activities. Yet, you can totally place a sit to stand desk in your bedroom, if you don’t have another room to work from.

3. Invest in equipment

When working from home, you should make sure your body is properly aligned, and ergonomic furniture can make your working hours more comfortable. A sit to stand desk would be a great buy, a proper, adjustable office chair as well. Big screens, ergonomic keyboards and earplugs – these gadgets can make a big impact on your productivity whilst making you feel just like you are at the office. You may be entitled to help from your employer or if you are self-employed you can claim money back through the government. 

4. Set an activity schedule

No matter how comfortable you feel in your chair while working, don’t stay stuck in it for days. Get up and stretch for 5 minutes for every 30 working minutes. Spend your lunch breaks outside and breathe in some fresh air, get some sunshine, and make yourself more active. If you can’t make yourself do so every day, set alarms. Walk around even during your working hours if you work in customer service, as a sales representative, or in similar positions.

5. Keep junk food out of sight

Packing your kitchen with treats is a big no-no when you are working from home. Sweets and snacks will tempt you to get up and have some. Buy fresh veggies, fruits and pack your kitchen with healthy ingredients. This will help you reduce your calorie intake and prevent gaining weight.

6. Set boundaries

How many times have you replied to your co-workers’ late-night emails in the past few months? Overextending your working hours and being sedentary for more than 8 hours a day can take a serious toll on your health. Set boundaries by storing your laptop away at the end of the workday and let your co-workers know you are unavailable for work past a certain hour. Reducing exposure to blue light will protect your eyes and encourage melatonin production.


Working from home may sound like a dream come true at first. Yet, the reality is far from fun, especially if you find yourself lying on the bed for hours or not getting out of your apartment for days. Your physical and mental health will begin to suffer unless you do something, which is why it is so important to incorporate these 6 expert tips into your everyday life. Whether you have been working from home for the past few months or years, these tips will help you beat the negative effects of sedentary life and isolation.