3 Creative Ways to Have Fun with Your Standing Desk

3 Creative Ways to Have Fun with Your Standing Desk

James Cooper |

Standing desks aren’t just for working from home or studying. Everything has multiple uses as long as you have the imagination to think of them!

Height-adjustable desks can be used for more than just a day at the office. Being able to adjust the height of your desk easily opens the door to more innovative possibilities. Whether you’re an artist in your spare time or pesky pooches are stealing food from your table — let Purus Life give you a few ideas to reap the benefits of a standing desk, off the record.

Pooch-proof dining

Are you a proud pooch owner? Well, this one’s for you. If you work from home or your dog is allowed in the office, you’ll know the struggles of entertaining your canine coworker. If your artful doggo takes to stealing your lunch from your dining room table, it’s time to adjust your desk’s height to the standing position.

Not only will you burn more calories standing, but now your BLT is safely out of reach. For now. WARNING: This tip isn’t kitty-proof.

Art attack!

Our height-adjustable Smart Desk has all the bells and whistles: USB and USB-C charging ports, wireless charging and sci-fi-like touch-screen controls. But do you know what’s even better? The Smart Desk has a tempered glass top, which, aside from being stylish and elegant, has another excellent use; you can write on it with marker pens! Our marker pens are washable, fast-drying, non-toxic and food safe.

For parents looking to keep their kids from drawing on the walls, simply adjust the height of this standing desk with a touch of the controls. Then, pull up a chair for your little one and let them get creative. You can join in, too and don’t worry — the evidence easily wipes away!

Glorious glam

Attention beauty lovers! This one might be your vibe. Why not try using your standing desk to do your nails? There’s plenty of room for nail files, polish and clippers on our desks. Choose a desk with a tempered glass top and make cleaning your accidental polish splodges a doozy.

Is your bathroom or bedroom overcrowded with beauty products? Make-up is an art form, so give yourself some room. Move your make-up, brushes, cosmetics and mirror onto your standing desk. Sometimes, eyeliner is just easier to apply standing up — or maybe you prefer to sit down. Whatever your method, adjust your desk easily with a touch of a button to achieve your desired look.

And, if you want to vlog a make-up tutorial, you can easily fit your camera and ring light on your desk. Your camera tripod might be height adjustable and now, so is your desk. Get fire angles and close-ups of your on-fleek eyebrows and never look back.

Standing desk satisfaction

Standing desks are better for productivity and your health. Remember to switch between sitting and standing so your leg, knee and hip muscles get a break.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve been inspired by some creative and unexpected ways to use a height-adjustable desk. Think about some of your favourite hobbies and how your standing desk could be used for another purpose. For instance, keen bakers can pipe their multi-layer cakes with precision with a height-adjustable option for each layer.

Let your imagination run riot and enjoy the multiple benefits of a standing desk for work and play.

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