Purus Life Air Purifier

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Want to have fresh and clean air? Whether it's a living room where your baby pets play, a kitchen with soot, or a bedside table in a bedroom, it can play a role. The Purus Life household air purifier has a 360° air inlet, which can disrupt the 161 square feet of indoor air flow and release high concentrations of negative ions. It can process 99.97% of particles and odors and effectively sterilize, providing you with fresh and clean air. The air quality indicator can always reflect the air quality. A 1000mA battery can work for 20 hours after 7 hours of charging. The full-grain belt design allows you to use it wherever you want, truly wireless.


What's in the box:

1 x Purus Life Air Purifier

1 x HEPA 3-stage filter 

1 x User Manual

1 x Type-c cable

 Delivery - 3 days  

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Smart LED Display 

Battery Life, Gear Selection, Air Quality 


Eliminates Smoke, Allergens and Dust 

Portable design 

Cable free

Quiet fan

Quiet Fan for a better Nights Sleep

3 speed

3 Level Turbo Wind Speeds

Large Battery Capacity

20 hours life (10000 mAh)

360 Degree Air Circulation

 The 360° air inlet helps disrupt 161 square feet of indoor airflow 

Multi-layer filtration

 Multiple Layered Filter HEPA 12 Filter
+ Activated Carbon Filter + Pre Filter

Night mode

 Comfortable Night Light and  quiet Fan for a better Nights Sleep

What's in the box:

1 x Purus Life Air Purifier
1 x HEPA 3-stage filter
1 x User Manual
1 x Tpye-c cable


 - In order to avoid battery damage, please charge this product for more than three hours before using it. It is recommended to charge it at least once every three months.

-A small amount of ozone will be produced when this product is working (<0.05PPM). If you feel breathing difficulties, temporarily turn off the machine and open the window for ventilation.

-It is recommended that the filter element of this product be cleaned every half a month and replaced every three months.

-When cleaning the filter element, do not use water or beating. The correct cleaning method is to use a blower to blow the inside of the filter element, or use a soft brush to clean the dust attached to the filter.

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